Not quite party line, but almost. Four Republicans voted yes, 10 Dems voted no. It’s the Reed-Levin plan in essence: withdrawal to begin within 120 days of passage and to conclude by April 1, with a small combat force retained in country to target Al Qaeda plus advisors to train the Iraqi army. It’s also a non-starter since Bush has vowed to veto any plan that involves a timetable.

According to Rasmussen, Americans expect sectarian violence to increase in the event of withdrawal, 45-34. Strangely, they also expect the lives of Iraqis to improve. Via Ace, Jake Tapper of ABC News tried to get a straight answer out of Harry Reid today about what he thinks will happen to the country if and when U.S. troops withdraw. He failed, although in Reid’s defense, at least he ducked the question instead of offering a plan that so obviously won’t work that it insults its reader’s intelligence.

CNN asked one Iraqi family earlier today what they thought about withdrawal. Thanks to Beyond The News, as usual, for the clip.