She had better. She wouldn’t want to do anything crazy like undermine the Democratic Party, would she?

“I’m happy to say that she’ll be there,” writes Peter Daou. And I’m happy to hear it, Peter. Between the headaches she’ll endure from peacebots screeching at her about her Iraq vote, the mortal wound this inflicts on her reputation as someone who doesn’t kowtow to the nutroots (a reputation that’s largely undeserved), and the de facto recognition it grants to the fact that — contrary to what certain liberal colleagues of my beloved boss are known to claim — the fringe left isn’t so fringe, we hit the trifecta. Dedicated to a special lady who’s racking her brain somewhere right now trying to figure out how she’ll spin this the next time she calls Rudy a phony and Brian Kilmeade or whoever inevitably brings it up. My guess? She’ll claim that Hillary’s actually planning some sort of Sister Souljah moment or that attending is proof of her “bravery.”

What would be sweet is if Gore made a surprise appearance the same day and stole her thunder. Which he would, if he did. And she’d deserve it.