I like his plan for McCain and his point about letting Petraeus, whose appointment Congress ratified, being given a fair chance to implement his strategy is naturally well taken. But does anyone think things are going to be so vastly improved ten weeks from now that it might change the naysayers’ minds about whether to begin a drawdown soon or not? The improvement would have to be so dramatic and impressive to the public that it would actually be in Harry Reid’s interest — which begins, of course, with those precious Senate seats he’s been dreaming of — to switch his vote?

Anyone see that happening? Under any circumstances?

Update: What happens when the most notorious temper in the Senate clashes with one of his dimmer colleagues in the amnesty wing? Magic, baby:

Fresh off a trip to Iraq, a visibly tired McCain lit into the “liberal left” for advocating retreat in Iraq and then went behind closed doors to brawl with a fellow GOP senator over the war.

In what one senator called “the most serious fight that I have seen in my time in the Senate,” McCain clashed with Sen. George Voinovich (R-Ohio) over the Arizona senator’s assertion that the most dangerous threat facing U.S. troops in Iraq was Al Qaeda members.

Voinovich, who recently urged President Bush to change his war policy now, shot back that Al Qaeda “wouldn’t be in Iraq” if American forces weren’t there, according to people who witnessed the exchange.