If true, it makes it a smidgen easier for Mitt to point out how similar Fred is to McCain on the issues — shamnesty notably excepted, of course. Will guilt by association work, though? Check out the reception he got here from the Young Republican National Convention. They’re like Ann Curry in the presence of the Goracle! The line of the day comes at 6:25 if you’re counting down or 2:25 if you’re counting up.

Meanwhile, the Prowler engages in a little tit for tat with the lead source of that Globe piece from last week that accused Fred of being a mole for Nixon:

“There were a number of us who were trying to figure out who was leaking to Woodward, and we never were able to find out,” says a Washington, D.C. based lawyer, who back in the early 1970s served as a junior aide to one of the senators sitting on the committee. “Once everything was over and Armstrong went to work at the Post, it all made sense.”