It seems like just yesterday we were listening to Hassan Butt critiquing the denialist impulse in Islamic culture. Not quite; it was Friday, right around the same time the imam of the mosque the Glasgow ringleader used to attend was unwittingly proving his point.

Sejad Mekic, the imam at the Cambridge mosque which [Bilal] Abdullah also attended, gave a sermon on Friday condemning all acts of terror.

However, he later said he had doubts that the incident at Glasgow airport was a terrorist attack, saying it could have been a car accident.

“I still haven’t made my conclusion,” he said.

When it was pointed out that containers of petrol were reportedly found in the car, he said: “Maybe they used to sell petrol.”

Follow the link and read all about how Kafeel Ahmed, the jihadi who ended up outside Glasgow’s airport being kicked in the balls by a cabbie and having John “Braveheart” Smeaton settin’ aboot him, lived right next door to the local organizer for Hizb ut-Tahrir, the “nonviolent” Islamic supremacist group that calls for reinstitution of the caliphate in the Middle East. And funny thing: their rooms just happened to be located above the “moderate” Islamic Center, with fundamentalist nut Bilal Abdulla reportedly paying regular visits and no one around knowing anything about anything. As for the imam’s take on the attack, it’s standard reaction among a significant minority of Muslims any time jihadis strike. A poll of British Muslims earlier this year found 24% doubted the London bombers were really responsible for that atrocity; the notorious Pew poll of U.S. Muslims in May found 40% doubt that 9/11 was perpetrated by Arabs. Which, in fairness, isn’t all that fringe a position anymore in this country. In fact, Rob Port thinks it’s high time we poll Congress and find out just how fringe or not it is.

Update: More good news about Kafeel Ahmed.