Too stupid not to post. The problem doesn’t exist, the cops insist, but darned if the mayor’s not going to solve it anyway. His solution? Having the doors open automatically after a set period, regardless of whether you’re still in there “dropping the kids off at the pool.”

It’s all part of his master “No Matter How Bad You Have to Go, Don’t Use the Robo-toilet” public initiative:

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle says his city has a problem with “homosexual activity” in public restrooms and he has a plan to stop it – robotic toilets that allow occupants to stay inside for only a short time before the door automatically opens…

Fort Lauderdale police officials said male sex in public restrooms is no longer a problem, but Naugle insists the practice persists and has used recent public meetings and e-mails to constituents to raise the issue…

Naugle said the proposed location for the city’s first experimental unit is “the rainbow parking lot” at a local beach considered by some to be the area’s “gay beach.”

“The homosexual newspaper said it’s the ‘gay parking lot.’ That’s not me saying that,” Naugle told the Sun-Sentinel, “that’s what they said. I don’t use the word ‘gay.’ I use the word ‘homosexual.’ Most of them aren’t gay. They’re unhappy.”

The obvious solution here is to wait for Robo-toilet 2.0, with sensors built right into the bowl to ensure it’s being used for its proper purpose. There’s your next project, Steve Jobs! In the meantime, your exit question: How much time should Robo-toilet allot?