It’s John Ridley, writer turned director turned, inexplicably, panelist on Joe “Work The Pole” Scarborough’s mornin’ yakfest on MSNBC. You’ll remember him from his recent sneering at basement-dwelling bloggers. He wants to know why a poor father who skips out on a suffering child to go to a ballgame would be an object of scorn while Manbearpig will be showered with media bouquets tomorrow at Gore-apalooza with his own son at home in crisis. Four reasons off the top of my head: (a) there’s at least a colorable claim of public interest to what Gore’s doing, (b) he’s got upwards of a billion people expecting him, (c) no doubt his kid is being well taken care of notwithstanding his absence, and (d) he’s going for some sort of carbon-emission world record tomorrow. He deserves to be there to see it happen.

Thanks as always to Greg H. of for the clip.