Will there, at long last, be a segment on the iPhone? Or will a certain someone’s shame at a certain other someone’s suffering mean the embargo persists? The Factor is on — in 20 minutes!

Update: Heart-ache. The heart-ache only a widower can know.

Update (Bryan): The challenge with editing these Factor highlight reels is often a) condensing the segments enough so that they’ll keep us within fair use but still make sense, and b) capturing something unique about the episode. In this case, hopefully I’ve managed both. The highlight reel starts off with the show’s only real hard news segment, the terror bombings in London and Glasgow. In this segment, you see Michelle doing what she does best–pursuing a big story by getting at the facts of the matter. The show moved through a few political and “best of” segments, before ending on an interview with an internet porn peddler. I think it’s fair to say that this story didn’t make the boss’ top ten list of stories worth covering today. I left in Hugh 2.0’s birdie flight at the end to memorialize what kind of guy he really is: Having lost the debate and having had his cheap trick on the fake photo backfire on him badly, the only thing he left in his arsenal was a childish gesture. Classy.

Update (AP): In case any curiosity-seeker should wander by wanting to know more about the bogus photo the porn peddler mentioned, here’s the post where it was debunked.