Makes sense. They’re both gray, both game-show hosts of a sort, and both are used to asking women, “How much?”

As thousands of people cheered along the Fourth of July parade route here, it was the tall man with the familiar white hair who made the crowd go truly gaga.

“Bob Barker! It’s Bob Barker!” two women shrieked upon seeing the former president, Bill Clinton, in the distance, as he and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York marched hand-in-hand.

When the women realized who it really was, they seemed just as thrilled, shouting, “Ohhhh!” and clapping madly. A game-show-host-turned-two-term-president: how can anyone, even Mrs. Clinton, compete?

Exit question one: Does this mean Billy Jeff’s vaunted sex appeal is officially finished? Exit question two: Which of them has had more legal trouble from women? (Close call!)

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