They tried showing them images of human remains smeared all over the highway but that didn’t help. Then they accused them of having tiny schwanzes. Jackpot:

The pinkie-wagging campaign theme is the result of a six-month research process involving a test audience of drivers aged 17-50, a third of whom had recent speeding convictions. Researchers discovered that young drivers had become inured to the horrific images often used in road-safety education campaigns. The test group’s response to the new ads was “overwhelmingly positive,” says Whelan, and the pinkie campaign was the only one that resonated with the majority of those surveyed.

There’s no aspect of male behavior where this particular jab wouldn’t resonate, is there? From failing to pay child support to leaving the toilet seat up, just wave that pinky, ladies. Satisfaction guaranteed.

I’m tempted to say that the guys who really deserve the pinky treatment are the ones who show excessive interest in showy status symbol gadgets like, oh, say, the iPhone.

But let’s just leave that one alone, shall we?