Finally we get a happy ending, unlike the last time this happened. You’ll find the clip below but this is the rare case where the book is better than the movie. ABC News:

Burrows and Cianfrini survived the crash landing with only minor cuts and bruises, but came under immediate ground fire as the insurgents who had shot them continued to fire on the aircraft.

Facing gunfire from both sides of the helicopter, Burrows and Cianfrini crawled into an irrigation canal next to where the helicopter had crash landed.

Both pilots were soon stuck in neck-deep water with no way to get out because gunfire continued to rain down on them from both sides of the canal.

The Apache reached them 15 minutes later. Minor problem: Apaches are two-seaters. So they did the natural thing. They strapped one of them to the left gunwing and then the Apache pilot strapped himself to the right gunwing so that one of the downed pilots could ride in the cockpit. He’s the one visible in the clip.

That’s some good heroing, boys. Click the image to watch.