Completely sold out in 10 states. I’m thinking about it, my friends, and I’m thinking about it hard. Can a man with mountains of debt justify a purchase this luxurious? Not really — but if he gets rid of his landline and shifts to an all-iPhone existence, it becomes marginally less foolhardy. To do that, though, I’d first have to be sure that I could operate my Tivo, which has yielded so many precious episodes of “The View,” through my cable modem instead of my phone jack. Anyone have their own Tivo set up that way and willing/able to vouch for its reliability? Supposedly it’s do-able but I want some comfort first.

Here, for your pleasure, is some iPhone porn I’ve been enjoying this afternoon. The browser looks a little dodgy in the first clip but for text-intensive sites like Google News it should be okay. I’ve heard lots of good buzz re: the keyboard correcting mistakes automatically; you’ll find testimony on that point here too.