She’s doing the job Congress won’t do. Federalism fever — catch it!

The governor of the US state of Arizona, Janet Napolitano, has signed into law legislation designed to deter illegal immigrant workers.

The law requires businesses to verify that all their employees are legally entitled to work in the US, or face the prospect of being closed down…

Under the new legislation, an employer’s first offence would be punished by a temporary licence suspension.

A second offence would be punished by what the governor’s office called the “business death penalty” – the permanent revocation of a licence to do business in Arizona.

Speaking of anti-amnesty action at the state level, how’s that burgeoning “Dump Lindsey” movement coming along?

Not well, my friends. But hope springs eternal.

[D]espite incipient rebellion on the right and falling poll numbers, Graham remains on pretty firm footing to win a second term in the Senate. He has amassed a war chest of $3.7 million through the first quarter of this year…

Two new names are circulating in conservative circles [as potential primary challengers]: state GOP Chairman Katon Dawson and David Wilkins, U.S. ambassador to Canada and former state Speaker of the House. Wilkins did not return phone calls.

Dawson said the recruitment drive is “flattering” but that he is focused on the state’s presidential primary in January. “Being a U.S. Senate candidate is something that is not in my playbook right now,” he said.

Even if new candidates jump into the race, South Carolina primary rules may help Graham because voters may vote in either party’s primary. Democrats may turn out to support Graham.

That would be payback, I guess, for Republicans helping to slay the nutroots beast in Connecticut last November. Exit question: Should we read any trends into the fact that Napolitano, a Democrat, feels obliged to crack down here on immigration or is this just another fluke from the state that put two Republicans in the Senate only to have them take the lead on shamnesty?