Here’s their webpage. I can’t tell if they’re state-sponsored or not, although I guess in a state like Iran everything’s state-“sponsored” to one extent or another. The invite reportedly is being prepared; will he RSVP and at long last treat the world to a press conference about the plight of the “Iraqi minutemen” in the heart of Tehran? More importantly, will he make the dreams of a certain tiny terrorist fanatic come magically true? From a report last year by HuffPo contributor and Iranian apologist Hooman Majd, who served as you-know-who’s translator when he was in New York last fall to address the UN:

The following morning, Mr. Ahmadinejad held a 7:30 a.m. breakfast meeting, again at his hotel, with American academics and journalists. Earlier, he had expressed some interest in having Michael Moore attend, and although attempts were made to reach him (even by myself, since I was asked), they were unsuccessful.

The man knows a useful idiot when he sees one. According to ISNA, another Iranian news agency, Moore’s already accepted the invitation, but take that with a boulder of salt. Let’s just wait and see for now.

Exit question: Under the circumstances, don’t you think Oliver Stone’s probably a little miffed?

Update: Iranian dissident blogger Kamangir notes the emblem of the Islamic Republic on the film festival sign and suspects it’s state-sponsored.

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