Treacher told me this guy would be an Internet phenomenon within 20 minutes of his interview airing on Fox. And he was right. You have to poke around the site to fully appreciate it, but here’s my favorite part from a commenter who claims to know him:

I did in fact work with the great man at airway handling in the airport from 1998-2001. Nearly shit myself when I saw him on TV, not only because I knew him but also because he’s still stuck in baggage hell!

Wheen I knew him he was living in a flat in Hyndland but I think he mybe was from Erskine originally. I stayed at his flat a couple of times: interesting fact about smeats, he owns either two or three ferrets which run about all over the place. His favourite one was white and I think it might have been called snowy.

Might there also, perchance, be a list of Norrisesque “cool facts” about John Smeaton? My friends, there might.