The best part is how impressed Fred Barnes seems to be by Graham’s transparently bogus eleventh-hour bid to toughen up the stupid, self-defeating “touchback” requirement and thereby give fencesitters the political cover needed to vote for his travesty of a bill. Question for Barnes: If Graham’s such a border-enforcin’ hero and his amendment was really so tough, why wasn’t it added to the bill until a few days before it went down in flames? And if, as we’ve been told repeatedly the past several weeks, the immigration crisis must be solved now, without delay, with not another moment spared, then why has the issue of border enforcement now been tabled along with the amnesty provisions? Time’s a-wastin’. Get back on the floor and solve some problems.

We’re all a little hung over on immigration but I’ve got to hand out some candy here: Rich Lowry on the triumph of the blogosphere, WaPo with an intro to a story about small town opposition to the bill that has to be read to be believed, and Jim Geraghty with an irony that’s simply too good to check.

Update: Ace answers Kondracke. “So, talk radio told the public about all these ‘bad parts’ of the bill. The public should have been appraised of the ‘bad parts’ by the MSM, but weren’t. So talk radio did their jobs for them. This is a problem, yes, but not with talk radio — the problem is with the MSM for failing to properly report and critique a major, transformational bill air-dropped on an unsuspecting public with only the scantest time for real debate and analysis.”

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