Goldstein’s got the text. You can add this pathetic manufactured controversy to the big A’s long list of easy predictions that were bound to come true, per my post on Monday about Silky’s penchant for finding himself attacked by the forces of evil whenever he needs a cash influx. He’s still almost a million and a half short of his target with three days to go but no doubt his mouth-breathing nutroots base will dig deep to throw a little water on the wicked witch of the right. I bet he makes it.

Meanwhile, there seems to be some debate as to why Mrs. Edwards would have called in to confront Coulter instead of the Pony himself. Really? People don’t see why a mom who’s suffering from cancer might be a more disarming opponent in a debate than a guy known mainly for the price of his haircut? The real mystery is why Coulter sat there dumbly instead of pointing to the tactic as a picture perfect example of her pet thesis.

Do note the reference in Edwards’s e-mail, too, about raising the discourse to set an example for the children. Fine words from a dKos diarist.

Update (bp): Silky is set to be on Hardball tonight. What do you want to bet last night’s confrontation with Coulter was a set-up, first to play the sympathy card and next to get Silky the free advertising, I mean airtime? Of course it was. Hardball is acting as Silky’s press agent on this, setting up the fight, then setting up the reaction, everybody wins–Silky gets his sympathy and thereby his fundraising pitch, AC gets some airtime, Hardball gets to be the stage manager. What a crock.

Anyone want to lay odds on whether Ann Coulter will be allowed to call in and nip at Silky the way Mrs. Edwards was allowed to do to AC last night?

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