Barbara misses her almost as much as we do.

According to figures obtained from Nielsen/Soundscan by our crack research department, “The View” sank like a stone during the first two weeks of June, right after Rosie left.

Indeed, “The View” suffered a 13 percent decline in household ratings, and a 9 percent decline in overall ratings the combined weeks of June 4h and 11 compared with Rosie’s last two weeks.

Here are some stats: The week of May 21, Rosie’s last week (even though no one knew it), the show had an average of 3.8 million viewers a day. But the week of June 11, the ratings were down to 3.35 million viewers a day.

As for Ro herself, Roger Friedman reports at the same link that the Price Is Right thing simply can’t be done. They’re in LA, she’s in NY, and never the twain shall meet. She’s wasted in that format anyway. What Friedman doesn’t tell you in the article, but did tell Matt Drudge during a chat on the latter’s radio show last night, is where Rosie probably is headed. Johnny Dollar’s got the audio. I won’t spoil the surprise, which ain’t much of a surprise, except to say she’ll fit in right in.

Update: Confirmed. Well, the PIR part, anyway.