There’s amnesty and then there’s amnesty. It’s their own version of the U.S. “points system,” but with family unification teased out to about 25 generations and offered to members of a culture notorious for irredentism and violent expressions of, ahem, “dissent.”

What could go wrong?

A call for descendents of Muslims expelled from Spain in the seventeenth century to be given preferential terms for Spanish citizenship has highlighted the country’s uneasy relationship with its Islamic heritage.

The proposal was made at a meeting this week in Cordoba, a city in Andalusia which was the centre of Islamic civilization in the Iberian peninsula during nearly eight centuries of Moorish rule of much of what is now Spain and Portugal…

Giving them preferential terms for Spanish citizenship would be an act of symbolic reconciliation, said Mansur Escudero, head of Spain’s Islamic Board, the biggest group representing Spanish Muslims.

“The Andalusians who live in North Africa, most of them in Morocco, in Tunisia, in Libya, they’re part of those societies and aren’t going to want to come to Spain,” Escudero said…

Sephardic Jews, whose ancestors were expelled from Spain in 1492, already have a special right to obtain Spanish citizenship after two years legal residence in Spain, a privilege also available to citizens of Spain’s former colonies.

A small left-wing party, Izquierda Unida, has backed the call for preferential citizenship for descendents of Spanish Muslims. The governing Socialists, who have promoted an “Alliance of Civilizations” between the West and Islam, have yet to give their response, Escudero said.

It’s “symbolic” insofar as there’s no urgent need at the moment for large numbers to avail themselves of the right. Whether that’ll still be true in 10 years is another story. As for why a left-wing party would once again quarterbacking the drive to absorb a huge, unassimilated population, I really just don’t know. It must be a coincidence.