I blame myself for not having been more skeptical. I think I was seduced by the similarity between his voice and Patrick Swayze’s. Would the man who led daring guerrilla raids on the Soviet occupiers in “Red Dawn” lie to us? No, my friends, he would not.

And yet, he sort of did.

Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma says he doesn’t need an eye exam or a hearing aid and that he clearly remembers hearing Democratic Sens. Barbara Boxer of California and Hillary Clinton of New York talk about the need for a “legislative fix” to curb conservative talk radio.

But Inhofe now says the conversation he overheard took place three years ago, not “the other day,” as he told KFI talk radio host John Ziegler on Thursday night…

“I’ve been telling this story for three years and told this story 100 times,” the Oklahoma Republican told FOXNews.com. “I have it memorized … I tell it the same way every time because it gets a very good reaction.”…

“Senator Boxer told me that either her friend Senator Inhofe needs new glasses or he needs to have his hearing checked, because that conversation never happened,” [Boxer spokeswoman Natalie] Ravitz said in an e-mail.

“Jim Inhofe is wrong,” added Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines. “This supposed conversation never happened, not in his presence or anywhere else.”

I feel like such a fool. To think, we thought this woman couldn’t be trusted.