I’m tempted to call this part of her evolution towards conservatism, but it isn’t really. It’s just simple acknowledgment of fact, like my own observation the other day about how pathetically pathetic the Republican presidential candidates’ ads thus far have been. What she didn’t note (since most people don’t know it) is that there’s a lot more liberal talk radio out there than the “Fairness” advocates would have you believe. It’s not that Americans don’t have a choice; it’s that, per KP’s eloquent formulation, liberal talk radio sucks. Stop sucking and you won’t need the Fairness Doctrine.

The guest here is Chris Wallace, by the way. By my count, it’s the second Friday in a row he’s flirted openly with KP on air. If it happens again, the big A’s going to have to go down there and set things straight. Memo to Chris: you’ve made yourself a very powerless enemy, my friend.

Update: As you’ll hear, she insists that Hillary has never publicly called for reinstating the Fairness Doctrine. I googled around earlier thinking that must be wrong, but I confess I couldn’t find anything to contradict her. Did I miss something? Or is this a task Hillary has farmed out to her flunkies, like John Podesta?