I’m paraphrasing slightly. The Senate majority leader naturally wouldn’t use a word like “pooper,” not because it’s uncollegial but because it’s simply not equal to the task at hand. “Poop chute,” perhaps. But “pooper”? Just not senatorial.

Still, the intent is clear:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is known for his tough and sometimes controversial talk toward the Bush Administration, and on Friday the Nevada Democrat offered a newly biting comment in response to the White House’s veto threat of the Senate’s energy bill.

“They can take their rubber stamp and you know what they can do with it,” Reid said Friday. “We’re going to continue to do what we think is right for the American people.”

Exit question: Is this worth a little faux outrage or no? Nothing annoys me more than when the left affects phony shock at conservatives “working blue,” as happened a few months ago when some tool at HuffPo pretended to be offended by my goofing on Sheryl Crow’s one-square-wiping policy. I’m thinking we let Harry skate here, purely on principle. Who’s for a little healthy degradation of the political discourse?