It’s Chris Daly, whom you may but probably won’t remember from his efforts to ground the “dangerous and unnecessary” Blue Angels during Frisco’s Fleet Week. When the Examiner kicked up a media storm over it, Daly withdrew the motion and whined to a reporter from the paper, “Because of you, I haven’t gotten any work done today, and because of you, I am not going to introduce it on Tuesday.” He’s famous for his temper, which, if you’re a conservative like John McCain, means you’re “crazy” and if you’re liberal like Daly means you’re “passionate.”

The subject of his outburst? The hair-gellin’, friend-betrayin’, 20-year-old-datin’, alcohol-rehabbin’ “Mayor McHottie” himself, Gavin Newsom, who vehemently denies Daly’s accusation. San Fran’s in a tizzy over it; the rest of America, not caring in the slightest but savoring a choice bit of political theater, crosses its fingers and hopes for escalation.