The Beeb claims it happened before the incident with the British sailors. As Crocodile Dundee said: That’s not a thwarted naval raid, this is a thwarted naval raid.

Iranian naval forces in the Gulf tried to capture an Australian Navy boarding team but were vigorously repelled, the BBC has learned…

It turns out that Iranian forces made an earlier concerted attempt to seize a boarding party from the Royal Australian Navy…

The BBC has been told the Australians re-boarded the vessel they had just searched, aimed their machine guns at the approaching Iranians and warned them to back off, using what was said to be “highly colourful language”.

The Iranians withdrew, and the Australians were reportedly lifted off the ship by one of their own helicopters.

The circumstances for the Britons in March were slightly different in that they were caught so much by surprise that, had they attempted to repel the Iranians with their limited firepower, they would doubtless have taken very heavy casualties.

That’s good for a round of back-slapping and chest-thumping but a few particulars as to the time and place would have gone a long way. Iran’s always claimed, unpersuasively, that it was simply policing its waterways when it had the run-in with the Brits. If the Aussies were clearly in Iraqi waters when this happened, it would explode that excuse. Likewise, the Independent speculated after the British standoff ended that the kidnappings were revenge for the U.S. capture of the five Quds Force members in Irbil in January. When did the Aussie incident occur? Before that? Right before the British incident, thereby making that one a “second try”? Details, gents, details.