Anyone else find this a tad too bad to be true? No doubt Madam President would love to have Rush et al. muzzled in time for her inauguration; that’s what lackeys like John Podesta are for. But tipping her hand with Inhofe standing right there? It’d be like Bill talking about Monica within earshot of Newt Gingrich circa early 1998. Either they were all joking around or else Hillary’s sinister Clintonian conspiring is much clumsier than I’d imagined.

Anyway, let ’em try it. The trend is already towards satellite radio. Having Limbaugh, Hannity, and Ingraham there will only hurry it along. Exit question prediction: Depending upon how much play this clip gets tomorrow, the left’s hamfisted attempt at changing the subject will be faux outrage at Inhofe’s use of the word “gals.”

(clip source: The John Zeigler Show, KFI-AM 640)