This is the sort of application I was talking about in this post. Eventually, I think, you’re going to see TV news outfits putting their primetime content online in embeddable players with an editing widget built in so that users can highlight whichever segments, or segments of segments, they want. There’ll be a fair-use time limit on the amount of footage they’ll let users show and a paid ad at the start of every clip. Newspapers, which are shifting towards online existences anyway, would use the device to illustrate articles with key quotes. Needless to say, so would bloggers. Other television networks would use it occasionally too: it’s a no-brainer for Stewart and Colbert and for “event” broadcasts like sports, awards shows, or the end of “The Sopranos.” In the long run, once people know they can go to the source for a clip, it’ll wean them off of YouTube.

Pretty primitive right now, but give it a year or two.