Our readers tell me that my pal Dean Barnett was kind enough to plug the Kerry/Vietnam post on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show just now. I’ve got a hunch he won’t be plugging this one.

This comes from the YouTube account “mittvsfact”, which, coincidentally, is identical to the URL McCain’s camp purchased two weeks ago. Supposedly Mitt had his “road to Damascus” moment on abortion in November 2004; here we find him six months later still vowing to defend the legal status quo in Massachusetts, per his campaign promise to do so, irrespective of his own views on abortion. Pro-life groups are annoyed that he didn’t instantly recant and do everything in his power to oppose the practice. Which is to say, it’s the converse of their objection to Fred: Mitt talked the talked but didn’t walk the walk.

Won’t he walk the walk now, though? This is the third old clip of Romney someone’s dusted off to question the seriousness of his commitment to the subject (albeit the first one from after he had his alleged conversion) and I’m not sure what it’s all supposed to prove. Does anyone seriously think that if we elect this guy, he’s going to shift back the other way? Opposing abortion is the core plank of his campaign; it’s his whole gimmick. Arguably there’s no other candidate in the race, Fred included, who’d be more reliably pro-life, simply because he’d have to be — his credibility would evaporate if he wasn’t. Exit question, then: Is this really a big deal?