They want their own little version of the nutroots, as well they might. A spokesman for the other side snarks enjoyably:

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” said Matthew Miller, spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “I’m glad the NRSC discovered the Internet in 2007.”

They may have discovered it in 2007 but their metrics are still circa 2005. From the excerpts of the NRSC manual posted by Politico:


I’ll bet Charles Johnson will be as surprised to read that as I was. Heh.

For the GOP to build a political machine among blogs like the Democrats have, they’d almost have to rebuild the blogosphere. Like I said here, the right-wing ‘sphere is really a coalition of hawks, not right-wingers; if pushed to choose between a statist with a muscular foreign policy, like Joe Lieberman, and an anti-war neo-Bircher like Ron Paul, I suspect most of us would tilt towards Joementum. (Which way would the nutroots tilt?) Our side grew out of 9/11, which has receded, while the lefty sphere has grown out of Iraq and various Bush administration scandals, which drag on and on. Maybe being out of power will shift the dynamic and we’ll start issuing Important Action Alerts instead of laughing at them, but for the time being, notwithstanding the catalyzing effect the election will have, I don’t see righties carrying water for Republican candidates the way the very, very principled nutroots does for its leftist heroes.

Read the excerpts from the NRSC manual, though. They’re fascinating, especially the etiquette about never “engaging” the nutroots yourself (“doing so only legitimizes them”) but rather getting a local official or prominent citizen, acting as a “surrogate,” to do it for you. Here’s your first piece of friendly advice, boys: nothing productive ever can or ever will come from “engaging” the nutroots. You’re Republican, which means your ideological purity is even lower than Joe Klein’s or David Broder’s; that’s all they need to know.

And here’s your second piece of friendly advice: any senator who helps push this amnesty bill through and wants some “help” from HA had best confine their outreach to MM or Bryan. Although I doubt you’ll find them much more receptive than I am, if at all.

Update: Which isn’t to imply that every Internet move made by leftist candidates is effective or attractive. The horror.