They think there’s still time to stop it; Laura’s got the list of waffling senators up on her site right now with contact numbers to that end.

I am, as usual, pessimistic.

Update: I meant to link John Hawkins’s piece earlier but forgot. I assume everyone’s already seen it at, but if not, the last stop for this railroad job is apparently going to be the conference committee after the bill passes, where our enlightened elders will strip away all the ugly compromises they had to which they had to agree to get the bill passed.

[I]f the bill gets through the Senate and the House, the Democrats and the open borders Republicans will work together when the bills have to be reconciled in committee to strip out any amendments that the “grand bargainers” don’t like. Therefore, at this point, it doesn’t matter what amendments pass, because any tough enforcement provisions that slip through will be rendered toothless when the bills are reconciled…

My source also let me know that the White House and the Senate leadership, and Trent Lott in particular, are pushing very hard for this bill.

I asked my source to speculate on why Lott was pushing so hard, and he said that Lott may be naive enough to think that this bill might help John McCain’s presidential campaign. He told me that despite McCain’s dip in the polls since the bill hit the news, it was hard to miss the fact that the biggest supporters of this bill in the Senate, Jon Kyl, Trent Lott, and Lindsey Graham, are all solidly behind McCain in ’08.