You saw the movie. Now read the, er, questionnaire:

Question: Please summarize your personal philosophy on the issue of reproductive choice

Thompson: The Supreme Court has attempted to delineate the constitutionally appropriate roles for individual and governmental decision-making on the issue of abortion. Beyond that, I believe that the federal government should not interfere with individual convictions and actions in this area

I would make an exception to this general rule of governmental non-interference in a very limited number of cases where government has a compelling interest in promoting the public welfare. For instance, I believe that states should be allowed to impose various restrictions if they so choose.

David Brody comments: “Fred Thompson may have a perfect Senate score with the National Right to Life but when he enters the race, he’ll need to explain questionnaires like this one and others. Where was the fervent pro-life talk? He will be challenged on this just like Romney was for his pro-choice comments in the 1990’s. I’m not saying they are the same. I’m just saying that it’ll be important for Thompson to show some passion for the pro-life cause in 2008. In the 1990’s you don’t see it.”

A federalist approach to abortion is perfectly fine by me but may not be fine for all Fredheads. So let me ask: anyone have a big problem with a guy who walks the walk but doesn’t talk the talk? In a race where the pro-choice candidate is leading and the social-con candidate is notoriously suspect on the depth of this commitment to the issue, I’m guessing that a man with a perfect voting record will be delightfully acceptable to pro-life voters. Or have we now reached the point where merely supporting pro-life policies isn’t enough if they’re not accompanied by rhetoric about Roe having perpetrated a second Holocaust? Serious question. Serious answers encouraged.

Here’s a little red meat for your trouble, courtesy of See-Dub. Fred’s blog has the same clip but, given the choice, HA always links the site with the taste and discretion to have on its blogroll. Click the image to watch.


Update: Rob Port says he’s a proud pro-life voter — and highly skeptical that this will hurt Fred in any way.