He’s not running a presidential campaign so much as a campaign against illegal immigration, which explains in part why this spot is notably light on Tancredo and heavy on the Terminator. But only in part. Given the attention it’s likely to get, why not take the opportunity to include some of his own thoughts on how to address the issue? For that matter, why use the original Terminator instead of T2, which would let Tanc slide easily into the analogy of himself as a good-guy Arnold, blasting away at this Robert-Patrick-esque amnesty bill that simply won’t stop coming?

Using T2 also would have allowed them the obligatory scene in which the Terminator describes the horrible future — one in which Canada, Mexico, and the United States have merged to form a union. A borderless North American Union…

Tanc’s team seems pretty happy with it, especially the “Kyle/Kyl” resonance. Whatever gets them through the night, I guess. Exit question: Am I the only one who didn’t remember the first Terminator movie as being remotely as cheesy as it looks here?

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