You won’t see this in the LA Times poll. Conveniently, they neglected to ask any questions about border enforcement.

Sixty-nine percent (69%) of voters would favor an approach that focuses exclusively on “exclusively on securing the border and reducing illegal immigration.” Support for the enforcement only approach comes from 84% of Republicans, 55% of Democrats, and 69% of those not affiliated with either major party…

Fifty-seven percent (57%) favor a proposal giving “all illegal aliens up to three years to leave the United States. After leaving, the illegal aliens would have to get in line and wait their turn for legal entry into the United States.” Support for that concept comes from 67% of Republicans, 49% of Democrats, and 56% of unaffiliated voters.

The Senate immigration reform bill that failed last week was far more popular in Congress than among the American people. It was strongly opposed by a cross-section of the nation’s voters. At the end, just 23% of voters favored the legislation.

Exit question: Some of our readers are giving me static for suggesting that we should stay home next year if they pass amnesty rather than sit out, hand the election to the Democrats, and teach our own side a lesson. How will the Lindsey Grahams of the party learn their lesson if we don’t show them we mean business?

Update: St. John of Tucson declares himself “guardedly optimistic.”