They claimed to be pro-American. But all they wanted was the watch.

Pay close attention between 3:15 and 3:08. Heart-ache.

Update: The plot thickens.

The United States Embassy in Albania on Tuesday emphatically denied that Bush’s watch was stolen during his visit to the country, where he was acclaimed as a hero…

“What the local media is saying is absolutely not true,” an embassy official, who declined to be named, said…

An Albanian bodyguard who accompanied Bush in the town told The Associated Press he had seen one of his U.S. colleagues close to Bush bend down and pick up the watch.

The Top Channel private TV station showed how one of his bodyguards may have talked to the president and then taken the watch from his hand.

Bush does look down twice after he starts interacting with the crowd, first at 3:12 and then at 3:07.

Update: The watch is secure. Repeat — the watch is secure.