The deployment, of course, is to Afghanistan, home of the “good” war from which the attack on America was planned and prepared. Oddly enough, some anti-war groups are opposed to this one too:

“You can refuse to participate in this war,” says the missive, mailed last week by four Quebec-based antiwar groups.

“Your deployment in Afghanistan means complicity with the civilian deaths and other activities … that are tantamount to war crimes.”

It cites the potential for the torture of prisoners transferred by Canadian troops to their Afghan counterparts.

The letter blames media for marginalizing the “Afghani resistance” to foreign occupation as the work of the Taliban, and tells soldiers they will become “cannon fodder” in the war-torn region.

The letters are being received as you’d expect them to be:

“I read the headlines and threw it in the trash,” said Master Corporal Pierre Calve, a father of three set to deploy to Afghanistan in August. “I believe in this mission. I have family here in Canada. This is a way to protect them, like our grandfathers did in the First and Second World Wars. It’s not to go and kill people but to protect the peace.”…

News of the letter drew a furious response on an Internet forum at Under the heading, “Peaceniks Try Direct Mail on Vandoos Destined for AFG,” one member suggested another use for the mailing. “I certainly hope the letters were written on a soft but absorbent paper, so they can be used by the soldiers for a function appropriate to the contents,” a contributor named Colin P. wrote.