One of the things that makes a good sidekick a good sidekick is his ability to bail out the host when he’s in a tough spot. Scarborough’s sidekick must be good, because every time I see him I’m less focused on Joe and more annoyed on his own “who do these bloggers think they are?” shtick. The Palmetto Scoop helpfully lists all the sites that have commented on the incident and, pace MSNBC, they’re not all conservative and they number quite a bit more than “a few.”

It’s nice to have the saga finally end, though, as it was beginning to test friendships. Mary Katharine and I ended up in an IM argument a few days ago over whether what he said was really as bad as all that. She thinks it wasn’t once you have the full context about the exercise routine. Fine by me: I look forward to the next time bananas come up in conversation so that I can leer at the nearest female and inquire archly as to whether she “eats the banana.” Context, you see, my friends. Context.

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