They’re not street-fighting, they’re following Queensberry rules. It’s just that the Queensberry rules authorize something that looks exactly like street-fighting, and to the extent that they don’t, they can be “finessed” and re-interpreted until they do. Funny, that.

Six handy rules, which can be boiled down thusly to four:

1. You can kill civilians, including kids, because they get bonus points from Allah as unwilling martyrs in the afterlife and thus you’re really sort of doing them a favor. Kids, in fact, magically metamorphose into young adults so they can get laid properly for eternity.

2. You can, of course, kill combatants, “combatant” being defined essentially as anyone who doesn’t follow shari’a, e.g., bankers who charge interest on loans, or anyone who votes for Tony Blair. BUT you can’t kill inside a country where you reside unless you were born there — UNLESS you’re waging jihad in Iraq, where you get some kind of special Iraq pass or something.

3. You can lie. I.e., taqiyya.

4. You need your parents’ permission UNLESS you’re in Iraq or any “nearby” country, which exempts pretty much the entire Middle East.

I was going to say something about one of the Times’s sources equating jihadism with the western concept of collateral damage but Tigerhawk’s already beaten me to it. So instead, here’s my latest work — “Study in Charcoal: Islamist Savages and Their Western Enablers, #62.”


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