What’s always fascinating about these little forays into brutality is the rationalization. No problem for the second guy: it’s in the Koran and the Koran is the Word. That’s all the rationalization you need. The first guy, a professor at Al-Azhar University, comes at it from a sociological angle. It’s all aimed at preserving family harmony, you see; that’s why beatings are only the third step. Admonishment and avoidance — designed to negate women’s sexual “weapon” — are the first two. Once you’ve exhausted those you get to start swinging because, after all, a broken nose is better than a broken home.

I’m semi-surprised that Time Out London whitewash didn’t include this as one of the many, many benefits of the Islamic takeover. Lower divorce rates? Who wouldn’t be for that? Click the images to watch.

Update: Lorien1973 makes a good point that I meant to mention myself. MEMRI’s archives are full of this stuff. Why?

actually; what’s -really- odd about this is how often its talked about on TV over there. And the discussion is always exactly the same. Do people need to be constantly reminded to beat their wives or something?