I understand that creationism and evolution aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive, that it’s possible to believe God created the world in some form and let it evolve from there, i.e., deism. I also realize that some people can believe mutually contradictory things, and that that might occasionally wash out in an opinion survey.

But how do you get clear majorities answering in the affirmative to both of these questions when the second one specifically says, “in their present form”?


Does the qualifier (“pretty much”) leave enough wiggle room? We’ve got some fairly diverse views among our readership; help me out, creationist Darwinians. As a token of my appreciation, I offer you the atheist attack on Christopher Hitchens. What Hitch doesn’t grasp, writes Karl Reitz, is that the benighted human animal is better off believing its utopian dream is unattainable in this life but possible in the next. After all, those who try to build heaven on earth have a nasty habit of leaving giant body counts in their wake. Exit question: Wouldn’t Hitch’s obvious answer to Reitz be that paradise doesn’t exist in any form and the sooner we accept that, the better?

Update: More strange bedfellows.