According to his cohort, we’re not “real journalists.” True enough. If you want to see a real journalist in action, check out this Murrow-esque blockbuster from a few months ago. That’s how you earn the big money from 30 Rock, baby. Well, that, and refracting the entire war on terror through the prism of soft Trutherism.

The Palmetto Scoop wonders: If Scarborough’s so sure that what he said about “working the pole” was innocent, why won’t he repeat the phrase in this clip? Answer, once again per the Scoop: because he obviously intended it to have a double meaning and knows that he’s been caught. It’s not the end of the world; no one’s calling for him to be fired. But rather than ‘fess up, he’d rather swing away at bloggers. Whatever. The guy follows Olbermann every night; his life’s hard enough, I guess, without us hassling him.