Veteran blog readers will remember this well; newbies won’t have a clue. Annie Jacobsen was onboard a Northwest Airlines flight in 2004 along with 14 Middle Eastern “musicians” who, among other things, brought a bag with them into the bathroom, made hand signals to each other, moved around the plane en masse, and generally scared the shinola out of everyone on the plane (including the air marshals, who were on alert). The left, ever mindful that there is no terrorist threat, scoffed and sneered at her for being a racist and an hysteric. Two years later the Brits busted the UK airline plot, which allegedly involved jihadi cells smuggling bomb components onboard and then assembling them in the plane’s bathroom for detonation over the Atlantic or above American cities.

Homeland Security’s inspector general prepared a report on the incident last year that was supposed to have been made public … and then marked classified at the eleventh hour. But now, thanks to the WashTimes’s FOIA request, it’s going to be released this week in redacted form.

Captain Ed’s got the relevant blockquote. Note the boldfaced detail.