I know, I know, we’re insanely oversaturated with “View” posts right now. Hopefully this will be the last one for awhile given O’D’s self-imposed hiatus. But I missed this yesterday when it happened and it’s pretty egregious, enough so that Access Hollywood and fellow “View” aficionados noticed. It comes right at the beginning: big hugs for everyone, including guest host Sherri Shepherd, but none for the pregnant warmonger.

Exit question one: Is Rosie really the one who should be quitting that show? Exit question two: If and when I finally make my appearance in one of our own “View” Vents, should I snub KP when I rush out to hug MM and Mary K, just for “payback”?

Update: I knew that was nuclear war we saw the other day. So lethal is the fallout that it’s spawned a mutant Rosie/Trump alliance.