I’m linking this not because it’s out of character for him — it’s not — but because he’s a reliable barometer of nutroots opinion so it’ll show you where they’re at. Olby’s famously scrupulous about referring to terror plots and even the war on terror itself (per the comments here) as “purported,” not so scrupulous in extending the same courtesy to alleged massacres perpetrated by U.S. troops. Not only does he pile on the qualifiers here despite the reams of damning quotes in the criminal complaint, he ends up dismissing the whole plot as the work of harmless “morons.” Robert Cox does a bang-up job rattling off the names of other “morons” who weren’t so harmless, including and especially the moron a few weeks ago who thought he could get away with killing a few people, then hanging out for a few hours to give the cops time to find him before finally traipsing off to chain the doors of a busy campus building without anyone obstructing him so that he could kill a lot more people. While fitting in a quickie trip to the post office, too.

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