Ian caught this one but graciously handed it off to me as a welcome-back present. It seems too much of a coincidence that they’d be parodying Law & Order just as Fredmania’s hitting fever pitch (even if he was a bust at the Lincoln Club last week). This kills two birds with one stone, making a point about Republican congressional corruption while trying to taint Fred’s own candidacy by association. L&O’s going to be in the news quite a bit once he gets in, not only because it’ll be a common reference point for Americans who don’t know him or his politics but because reruns might be knocked off the air under the equal-time rule, a development the media will have to cover. The Dems are obviously hoping to capitalize.

Clever, although my gut reaction after having watched it once is “Hey, Law & Order! I like Law & Order! Fred’s on Law & Order!” So, maybe not so clever.