This isn’t another gratuitous religion-versus-atheism post, I promise. It’s actually prep for the big showdown on Wednesday at, where the two men below will square off with two people from that stupid group that encourages people to tape themselves saying “I deny the Holy Spirit” in a debate on whether God exists. Many of you will have seen this clip before; those who haven’t will recognize the guy on the right as Kirk “Growing Pains” Cameron. The dude with the banana is Ray Comfort, a minister from New Zealand who says he’s going to prove, scientifically, on Wednesday that God exists. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the “proof” might run along these very lines, which, needless to say, will do the cause of belief no favors.

I’m tempted to accuse ABC of sandbagging Christians by tapping these two to make the case for religion, but according to the CNS article it was Comfort and Cameron who approached them with the idea, not vice versa. But fear not: if it’s deck-stacking you want, check out whom the New York Public Library enlisted to tangle with Christopher Hitchens on the same subject tonight in NYC.

What I wouldn’t give to be there.

There are plenty of critiques of this at YouTube if you’re interested, most notably here and, in a rare YouTube appearance, since-banned atheist Nick Gisburne pondering the wonders of the pineapple.

For the record, my own personal nightmares have less to do with bananas than peanut butter.

I’ll have the ABC link for you Wednesday so you can watch it live. They’ll be airing parts of it that night on Nightline too, but I suspect it’ll be all over YouTube by then.