English version is here. I’m posting the French for the sheer novelty value as a show of solidarity with our new friend in Paris.

There is a news angle here, believe it or not: 10 Downing Street just opened its own YouTube account, making Blair the first world leader to embrace online video. The account was activated six days ago but none of the previous clips have done even as well as the average Vent. These two are faring better — 30,000+ views for the French version alone in its first few hours online.

Bush or Stephen Harper will probably be next, but this sort of thing is much more useful to someone like Ahmadinejad or Chavez. It’s a freebie propaganda pipeline to the west, it’s more intimate and therefore humanizing than a televised speech, and YouTube is positively crawling with Truthers and various other useful idiots who’d be receptive to their message. They know just how to talk to these morons, too. It’s a no-brainer, literally.