With every Rall outrage the dilemma presents itself anew: deny him the attention he craves or expose him and remind people what a bottom-feeding cretin he is? There’s no right answer. So here’s the latest wrong answer, via JPod at the Corner, in which the poor man’s Latuff waxes moronic with a joke that’s not even a joke about McCain falsely confessing to war crimes at the hands of the left’s VC pals. Ryan Sager thinks Rall’s making light of the fact that he broke under torture; I don’t think it rises even to that level of thought. As I read it, he’s simply taking the confession at face value and reminding the reader that McCain, by his own admission, committed war crimes. The humor, such as it is, lies in the use of the decades-old “I did X and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” gag.

Follow Sager’s link to see the whole cartoon, which is noteworthy for (a) the magical Rall logic by which horror is expressed at Bush’s smear of McCain amid a symphony of Alzheimer’s jokes and torture goofs and (b) the preview it offers, albeit in highly concentrated form, of how the media as a whole is going to treat McCain if he ends up as the nominee. Note the multiple fond references to 2000, when St. John was a stalwart critic of the religious right at the height of his leftish “maverick” powers. They’ll never forgive him for tacking back towards the base. And they’ll prove it next summer if he wins the primary.