Yeah, look — people really need to dial it down on the “terrorist” rhetoric vis-a-vis Sharpton. Jason Whitlock dropped that on him too and it was the one sour note in an otherwise sweet medley. Call the good reverend a repellent, malevolent, exploitative, grandstanding race-baiting McCarthyite, by all means, but let’s reserve the “terrorist” label for killers. Otherwise we’re heading into “Christianist” territory with Sullivan.

Anyway, from last night’s Hannity & Colmes, it’s now-former Imus producer Bernard McGuirk discussing the seven eight nine umpteen and counting dirty words that can’t be said on the airwaves. He actually used the word “ho” before Imus did that morning, which is why his contract has been terminated while that of Imus’s sidekick, Charles McCord, has not. He says he’d have avoided it if only he’d gotten the memo from the millions of people who’ve been laughing at the program for years — not to mention the CBS executives who paid his salary — that it was now, suddenly, beyond the pale.

Surprising to see how sympathetic Colmesy was to him, too.