A disgrace from beginning to end, indistinguishable from a press release apart from one sotto voce aside tucked away at the bottom acknowledging that yes, they’re still Islamists who want to live under shari’a law, and yes, that means they want an Islamic judicial system with all the delightful idiosyncracies that Islamic “justice” usually entails. Otherwise it’s nothing but free speech and professionalism and good government and “affordable health care, schools and vocational training.” And as a cherry on top, they note the burgeoning popularity of the Brotherhood across the Sunni Islamic world — in Bahrain, Morocco, Libya, and most worryingly, Jordan and Egypt, the two states with whom Israel has relations and the two states with whom Israel will not have relations once the Brotherhood takes power and breaks them off. That part conveniently is omitted.

You’d think the author would at least have the decency to acknowledge the tension, let us say, between demanding democracy — as the Brotherhood, aware of the public’s unhappiness with Mubarak and increasing support for fundamentalism, now does in Egypt — while also swearing fealty to the Koran as supreme authority. If the Brotherhood were to come to power and institute shari’a, and then lose a subsequent election to secularists promising to replace the divine decree with civil law, what would they do? We know what they’d do. So do the tools at Newsweek. They’d just rather not mention it. Like I say, disgraceful.