Drudge had a link up earlier to Fox News claiming that it was a hefty $10 mil. Preposterous.

It was a lot more than that.

Amidst boycott threats against Disney and ABC for comments she made about Sept. 11, O’Donnell was said to be weighing offers from bidders, including CBS Television Distribution, to do another show of her own. Executives familiar with the matter put her annual asking price to re-up at The View at $40 million a year – $5 million more than Dr. Phil’s estimated pay.

Worth her weight in gold. Well … no, not that much.

Serious exit question: Who’s the world’s highest paid Truther? It’s not Mark Cuban — he insists that he doesn’t believe “Loose Change,” even though he’s, er, paying to distribute it. As far as I know, George Soros doesn’t question the official version of 9/11 either. Is it simply a contest between Unstable Mabel and Charlie Sheen, or am I omitting someone?

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