That’s the headline, or at least most of it. The actual headline is “‘Are you nuts?’ A woman converts to Islam,” with the article naturally going on to suggest that she’s anything but, thank you very much. There’s no apparent news hook whatsoever: the closest they come is the fact that she’s one of only 50 or so women in the Netherlands who wear the full niqab face veil, but she’s been wearing it since 2005 and converted fully 13 years ago. Aside from a reference early on to the number of Muslims living in the Netherlands, there’s no larger context to the piece — no data, no quotes from supporters or critics of the niqab, nada. After the first few paragraphs, the author simply drops out entirely and it becomes one long quotation from the woman herself.

I figured it must be a sidebar piece to some longer feature article about the niqab, but I can’t find anything else on the wires that mentions her name. Although this quote is probably worthy of a separate piece in and of itself. Remember, ladies, when the boys pay you unwanted attention, it’s your problem:

Wearing the hijab felt like a form of liberation. Every day I had had to walk past some builders and they would whistle at me. Then the morning I walked past in my hijab they didn’t.

Anyway, just felt obliged to pass on this very important news.

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